Dear United Kingdom

Let me start by wishing you a “Happy New Year” may 2021 bring you all the very best for you and yours.

Right now, it possibly does not feel like that, because you are under pressure and likely to be wondering what the outcome of the UK will be.  You even may be feeling like throwing in the towel, as you are likely to be in that inertia and apathy place right now.  Wondering how you might get through 2021. However, what if this is a good thing to be faced with? What would you do then?

My advice to you is to keep strong, a resilient mindset is required right now, however first you must learn to take the pressure off yourself and accept that some “cosy club” time is of the essence right now.  You can then be in a place to reflect on what needs to be done to change this whole situation you find yourself in.  This way you will get back to living life according to your true values and believe in yourself again, so others will have the faith to believe in you too.

I hear you say, how do I do this?

Start with praise, praise is key right now, so let me encourage you to remember the good times, the things in your past, that have made your people believe in you, the very reason that they have wanted to live on you, even fight to live on you and fight for you, because they believed in you.  Your successes include having the British Navy who defended British trade and your possessions all over the World, your Monarchy that people come to visit from all over the World, all the inventors you are known for and the fact that you rank 5th in the World out of 80 countries in the latest global Best Countries ranking.

Then breath, simply breath deeply, take some deep in and out breaths and give yourself some quality thinking time, then breath more deeply and give yourself a little more deeper thinking time.  Think about the famous parable “The tortoise and the hare”, to win you must create a plan, often slower is better and will allow you to put things into perspective.  Then you can start to prepare and set your goals to work on your plan.

It is widely known that people struggle to stop to reflect, so the Universe is stopping all of us and making us all take stock. It seems like we are being forced to look at our current situation, even when we don’t want to look, because we are fearful of taking a reality check, fearful of what we might find and how we might rise above all of this.

People fear change at the best of times, so no wonder the current crisis is driving you and your people to the brink. Its like you are the pilot of an aircraft and your people are the passengers.  The passengers are fighting to take control and you see this in their evidence “toxic thought dumping” all over social media,  it may seem presently like they have nothing good to say or remember about you. Forcing you into a position that looks currently like crashing is the only option.  However, you know better than that, you know how to take back that control.

So, if you can invite and encourage your passengers to do their bit and get clear about their own futures, rather than being in stress and panic mode, which simply brings us all down.  I am sure you would agree you and your people will be onto a winner.  With this turn around, it gives you the possibilities for your people to come together, rather than you feeling betrayed by your people. Then you are ready to lead us back to being a great place to live and work.  A happier place which is greener, the place that people are not necessarily able to presently see because of today’s present challenges.  It is okay for your people to be feeling like this right now, everyone needs  time to heal from this great challenge they have been faced with.

Therefore encourage your people to embrace some “Cosy Club” time and use this time to allow all to process their lives,  to put things into perspective, remind them of the good times and their great strengths and talents, then as a Country we can fire back up and be successful.

The strongest minds with the innovative ideas are going to be your best supporters and this group of people will be the first to help lift you back up to where you belong.

Keep the faith, simply put, it is the attitude of the mind that will get us there.  The law of “faith” is about rising to meet the greatest forces of life and nature.  By doing this a power surge gets behind you and yours, and that power is the energy that can be used to turn things around. “Where the focus goes the energy flows”.

When we step into our “Superpower” we have the opportunity to find our “Why”, our true calling. Then the magic for each of us can happen again.  I know right now that some people are taking you for granted and trampling over you, these are the ones who think they have the right to everything, deserving all the lavish material things, that in the end often don’t make them happy.  Simply it fuels their egos and makes them sad.  Sadly, these are the people who find it hard to be in cosy club, who will not accept the here and now, who fight to learn the lessons that this Universe is throwing at us.  Sadly, it is because these people are afraid to stop and look in the mirror and say “What does the World really need from me now? How can I make a difference? How can I come together to allow us to use our interdependency to get us to a better place?

To get back to a better heathier economy, faith is required, unless you have some faith, little can be accomplished. So please keep believing in yourself and your people, so they will believe in you again.

With weakness comes a lack of self esteem and confidence, we then loose control and become a weak link and you know what happens when we get one weak link. Yes, you are right, we get the ripple effect, picking up more weak links and end up going in the wrong direction.

UK, please stay strong, confident, and true to who you really are, and you will be the strong link that impress others who live on you and who those who fight to live on you. Then together we will become tougher.

This attitude will have a good impact on your own mental wellbeing, and you will then attract and be drawn towards things that bring you back into a state of “Peak Performance”.

Share your faith with all! Little by little, one step at a time, we will come back together, we will find another way to find our true destiny, you will be more loving, giving, greener and a healthier place to live on again, who knows you might even rise above your 5th place, to 4th place or even 1st place to live in the World.

Using this strategy will simply allow others to keep the faith too.

The final important thing I wish to share with you, is that you don’t ever need to feel you are doing this alone, you never need to be alone, there is always someone who will be in your corner and have your back. All you need to do is reach out and ask for help and support.  These supporters may even become your long-term guide, your coach your mentor.

So, keep the faith and others will soon find faith in you and together we will once again, make the UK the best place to live and work.

Yours truly

Katy Mason – Anotherway “There is always Anotherway”