Katy has made an incredible difference to my coaching style and the way I practice. She has afforded me that vital private space to reflect on not only how I do things but how I can improve as a coach for the benefit of me and my clients.

Katy sets up the sessions really well, so that I manage and control my state to remain in an aware and productive condition. I have been encouraged to openly share things that have worked well and not so well, such that I can focus on things I should start, stop, continue and do differently. This has allowed me to really focus in on my effectiveness as a coach.

Katy has introduced some great models and metaphors which get me to consider things from a different perspective. This has been really enlightening as I discover with more clarity my coaching approach and developing niche.

Having been through a number of sessions with Katy, I now recognise both the value and importance of being able to share, discuss and unpack my reality of coaching in a supervision setting.

Nigel – Corporate Exec Coach (10th July 2020)