Working with Katy allowed me to realise that I had choice in life and that as I worked through the coaching process I found that a new challenge in a different environment was just what I needed.  The process gave me new confidence and belief in myself and since saying yes to the new challenge I have not had any doubts and do get excited thinking about it. I am keen to get started but need to cope with the dual role until they find my replacement. 

My new role is delivery service manager, which means I am the interface between the business and the shared service centre for accounting transactions.  This means I will be interacting more with the business and will feel more involved.

I am now at the gym on a regular basis, so I am on track with my Inca trail training.  I am actually enjoying it, after always thinking it was not for me.

I am feeling so much better now and am still amazed at how quickly I was turned around from where I was before Christmas.  I know there will be times when I will be tested, especially in a new role, but you were so right in helping me identify that I needed to improve my positivity and confidence. I would not have been able to give this role the effort it requires feeling as I did, and it fact I would never have even considered the role, as it was so different to what I have done for so many years.

I really appreciate what you have done for me, giving me the focus I needed to change, and you clearly have the skills and personality that are suited to the coaching profession.  I wish you greater success in the future and would like to thank you once again.

All the best

Karen Ennis – 05th April 2014