Think about a time when you have set off on a journey and realised that you are not too sure how to get there.  What happens? You start to feel anxious, frustrated, stressed, lost and will spend more time getting to where you need to be, or maybe not even get there are all.  Who knows this feeling?

So if these feelings are not good, what reason do we allow ourselves to own these feelings and then potentially transmit these feelings to our customers, leaving our customers in a possible damaged state and at the same time damaging our business and its reputation?

I’d like to share a paragraph from the “Secret” by Rhoda Byrne, as it’s a book that I love.  Henry Ford said, when he was bringing his Vision of the motor vehicle into our world, that people around him ridiculed him and thought he had gone mad to pursue a “wild” Vision.  Henry Ford knew much more than the people who ridiculed him.  He knew the secret and he knew the law of the Universe, which is how you will bring about what you think about.  So, by choosing a positive attitude and bringing that along to work will result in you being more likely to deliver a great level of service to your customers. In return, you will achieve your business objectives and be proud to succeed against your own business Vision.

Henry Ford’s famous quote states “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, either way you are right!”

So my question to you is, do you have a business Vision?  If you have answered yes, then I would like to say well done and ask you, where do you have this business Vision displayed?  Do you have a Vision board that you see each day?

I believe that each individual person can achieve their Vision, if it’s clear and you own the right attitude to work on it.  In the past you may have under estimated how brilliant you are individually!

So how can you become more aware of your behaviour when serving your customers? One way is to stop and ask yourself, what am I thinking right now? What am I feeling right now? The moment you are asking yourself these questions, you will become more self-aware, because you will bring your mind back to the present moment.  Michael Bernard Beckwith sums up the awareness of this POWER by saying “Remember to Remember”, it sounds simple, however, sometimes the simple things can be the most challenging.

So create, your Vision, Self-Awareness and Power and if you need any support please give me a call.